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They plan to build a centre for constructing and repairing railway carriages in Ossipovichi by late 2010.

According to President Lukashenko's ordinance Nr.157, in 2008-2010 they are supposed to develop railway carriage construction facilities in Ossipovichi.

The first stage of the project will be launched in Q3 2008, with up to 700 railway containers assembled at Ossipovichi Railway Depot Nr.3.

By Q2 2010 Ossipovichi is expected to get a new facility to produce 2.5 thousand railway carriages a year.

The freight carriages to be produced in Ossipovichi will have different properties and design characteristics than those assembled at Mogilev Carriage Construction Plant.

According to the ordinance, Russia’s Grand Express ZAO shall design and construct the facilities.

Also, the ordinance exempts Ossipovichi from the land tax till June 30, 2010.

Besides, the company will exempted from the profit tax for a five-year period.

Belarusbank has been pressed to provide up to $20 million in credit support for the project at a fixed interest rate.

At the moment, 26% of the Ossipovichi Railway Carriage Plant is controlled by Belarus and 74% - by Russia’s Grand Express ZAO.

According to Belarusian Railways Chief Vladimir Zherelo, the estimated value of the project is $130 million.

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