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OSVOD's warning: Spending time at river banks especially dangerous in autumn and winter

Spending time at river banks may be especially dangerous in autumn and winter. It was proved by the accident that had happened with a 47-year citizen of Minsk on October 26 on the Dnieper bank in Bykhov district, the head of Mogilev regional organization of the Belarusian Republican Water Rescue Society (OSVOD) Nikolai Moiseev.

"Two friends from Minsk went fishing. One of them lost his footing and dropped into water. The second man stayed at the bank, but couldn't help him. While he was running for help to the nearest village, the first one sank. Rescues from the MES didn't find him.

Each year witnesses such accidents during autumn -winter period, Nikolai Moiseev told. "The fact is that river banks are very slippery in this period, night frosts and morning thaws turn grass into jelly, that is dangerous to step", the source specified.

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