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Over 100 pupils, teachers, team coaches got special diplomas of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee

The City Culture and Leisure Centre held an awarding ceremony. Over 100 pupils, teachers, team coaches got special diplomas in the field of education of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

Belarus and Mogilev region pay much attention to intellectual and creative development of young people. Mogilev region’s pupils attend 19 gymnasiums, 6 lyceums; take part in various intellectual contests. The most important of them is the National School Subjects Olympiads which attracts over 75 thousand pupils every year.

In 2010 62 pupils became winners of the final stage of the National School Subjects Olympiads. Valery Malashko, the deputy chief of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, greeted the participants of the ceremony. “These diplomas are in honour of your achievements, abilities and motivation. It is very symbolic that teachers and coaches are also awarded since pupils’ achievements are the results of teachers’ hard work.”

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