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Over 4 years Mogilev region allotted Br15.6 billion to develop and support house hold plots

Over 4 years of the Program of house hold plots developing and supporting Mogilev region allotted Br15.6 billion. The statistics was announced at the third session of the Regional Delegates’ Council of the 26th convocation.

According to Alexander Muraviev, the deputy head of the Committee for Agriculture and Food Stuff, expenditures included: Br14.9 bln – to pay extra charge to population for purchased milk and young stock; Br0,7 bln – to prevent infections and parasitic diseases. This year expenditures made Br1.2 bln and Br63.8 mln correspondingly. 727 tons of corn, 202 thousand trees and 38 thousand tons of animal feed stuff were off-loaded to population.

In Alexander Muraviev’s words, 16 districts hit the target of corn off-loading to population, 8 districts – of trees off-loading. At the same time the region failed 11 target indexes (program targets number totaled 22 indexes).

The decision made by Mogilev Regional Executive Committee dated by May, 13 2010 in its part dealing with creation of public service units, mechanized units supplied with agriculture equipment is not fully realized. There is serious disturbance in off-loading of potato seeds to population (58.7% to the target), milk purchasing (79.2% to the target), young stock purchasing (67.7% to the target), and young pigs purchasing (87.4% to the target).

Petr Rudnik paid special attention to the importance of house hold plots developing and supporting as a part of the State Program of Village Revival and Development. In three months the session of Mogilev region’s administration will hear the results of the measures directed to improve welfare of villagers.

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