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P. Rudick: 65th anniversary celebration – greatest event of week

The 65th anniversary celebration is the greatest event of the week, P. Rudick stated during the sitting. Large-scale festivities have been arranged in the city, as well as in the whole Republic. But still much is to be done during the days left.

The governor stressed that upgrading and reconstruction of memorial complexes, soldiers and partisans’ common graves must be finished by May 7. All in all there are 2078 memorial complexes in the region; 21 are being reconstructed now.

By May 1, utility and communal services and other organisations concerned had to do the cleaning-up. Thus, 2061 illegal landfill were liquidated, certain areas of highways were reconstructed with sandy gravel.

But the governor is sure that more attention is to be paid to territories in private and garage sectors, garden associations. “All landfills must be cleaned-up”.

Besides, sowing season must be finished by May 9; and after that all dairy farms and technical areas must be cleaned-up. In order to prevent neglect and carelessness, acceptance certificate are to be signed by 4 officials representing sanitary-epidemiological service, husbandry head, the head of the district executive committee and regional administration.

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