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P. Rudnick: Caring about all veterans – our main task

About 1000 of 4940 veterans living in the region are lonely, that’s why it is city executive committees’ task to supply them with accommodation. The task was set by deputy chairman of regional executive committee Valery Malashko during the sitting of regional organizational committee for preparing and holding the 65th anniversary of liberating Mogilev region and the Republic of Belarus from German-fascist invaders and victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War.

By March 1, there have been 15 veterans on the list of being in need of improving housing conditions, 7 of them – since the beginning of the year. “All the matters must be solved in 2010, - Valery Malashko stressed. – There must not be formal approach, veterans’ merits should be taken into account”.

Chairman of regional executive committee Peter Rudnick in his turn pointed to necessity of supporting veterans with free of charge caring at their homes. “Caring about all veterans is our main task”, - Peter Rudnick added.

На 1 марта на учете нуждающихся состояло 15 ветеранов, из них 7 обратились за помощью в начале текущего года. «Все жилищные проблемы необходимо решить в 2010 году, - подчеркнул Валерий Малашко. – И подходить к ним нужно не формально, а с учетом статуса и заслуг ветеранов».

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