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P. Rudnick: During WWII Klichev was one of the largest centres of partisan movement

Firmness and courage shown by Klichev citizens during the Great Patriotic War was noted by state pennon. The ceremony of handing with established in compliance with the edict of the President of Belarus “For Courage and Firmness During the Great Patriotic War” took place today at district Palace of Culture.

“The town was worthy to be honoured. As early as month after war beginning the first partisan troop was organised in local forests. And soon Klichev district became one of the largest centres of partisan movement counting 20 000 members. 80 German garrisons and boards were destroyed for several months of armed struggle. They managed to liberate not just Klichev district, but also partially Kirov, Berezino, and Bykhov districts. It appeared to be a unique historical fact – when the Soviet authiruty was restored at enemy rears”, - the chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee Peter Rudnick specified during the meeting.

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