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P. Rudnick: During WWII Krichev defenders showed unprecedented firmness and sacrificial heroism of a Soviet soldier

The ceremony of handing Krichev with pennon established in compliance with the edict of the President of Belarus “For Courage and Firmness During the Great Patriotic War” took place today at the district centre.

“The town standing on the river Sozh is worthy to be honoured”, - the chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee P. Rudnick remarked during the ceremony. – “During the very first days of the war, when the Red Army had to retreat, Krichev defenders rebutted the invaders. Thanks to firmness and courage of soldiers and officers, the Soviet troops had been holding the front line on the river Sozh for a month. Even when Soviet soldiers were encircled, they continued to struggle for a half a month, thus giving possibility to fortify the most important strategic position near Moscow. This defence showed the whole world unprecedented firmness and sacrificial heroism of a Soviet soldier.”

Peter Rudnick heartily congratulated Krichev citizens with the event and expressed assurance that would inspire them in future to work for the prosperity of their town and our country – the Republic of Belarus.

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