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P. Rudnick: First quarter of 2010 saw decrease in number of organisations where salaries are under $200

First quarter of 2010 saw decrease in number of organisations where salaries are under $200 (from 368 such organisations in January, and 347 in February, to 160 - in March, - P. Rudnick told during the sitting of the regional executive committee dedicated to the results of different branches of economy performance and the matters of the budget fulfilment in January – March, 2010.

The head of the region focused the audience’s attention at monitoring quality of goods and services produced, as well as at necessity of increasing people’s standard of life, dealing first of all with salaries.

The main task for the regional economic complex in 2010 is overcoming the aftereffects of the World Financial Crisis, and at the least - reach the rates of economic growth we had before the crisis.
Production growth registered in January – March 2010, made up 114.7% compared to the respective period of the previous year. Still, it’s early to make a conclusion that the region has overcome the crisis after-effects, - P. Rudnick stated.

The volume of the finished commodity in the first quarter of the year decreased by 4% (taking into account the corresponding growth rates to the average monthly volume of production), making up Br 553.6 bln.
Decreasing imports volume should also be paid attention to. In spite of it, there has even been registered increase in import of macaroni (165%), confectionery (134%), wheat flour (137%). “Increase in imports means we need to improve the quality of production”, - the head of the region added.

The governor also touched upon the problem of quality of housing construction, and assured that all people’s complaints would be analysed and eliminated.

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