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P. Rudnick: Mogilev region industry has adapted to new economic conditions

Mogilev region industry has adapted to new economic conditions, - P. Rudnick told at today’s press-conference while answering the questions of the republican and regional mass media.

According to the head of the region, volume of industrial production during four months made up 116.1%. It means that Mogilev region industry has adapted to new economic conditions and the consequences of the World Financial Crisis. But the region needs innovations, and one of the ways to reach this aim is to promote co-operation between the spheres of education, science and industry. Unfortunately, scientific potential of students still hasn’t been used to the full extent.

P. Rudnick

To comment on the level of salary, Peter Rudnick remarked that according to the results of the first four months 84 organisations out of 1019 (i.e. 8.2%) still have been unprofitable. The same index in the Republic makes up 12%. The task has been set to reduce the figure till zero by October.

In January there were 368 organisations in Mogilev region where salaries made up less than 200$. In April there were 100 of such organisations, 57 of them – in the social (budget) sphere; among them are nursery schools, agricultural and trade organisations, as well as that of physical culture and sports.

P. Rudnick

In July in all regional organisations salaries will make up not less than 200$. “However, the aim has been set to reach the level of 444$ as an average salary in the region. And regardless of anything we are to make it true ”, - Peter Rudnick specified.

The governor supported the idea to build the monument to Simonov, Kutepov and Romanov in the city. The monument is supposed to appear in the city next year – to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the heroic defense of the regional centre during the Great Patriotic War.

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