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Parents of five-year old Vanya Sarenkov from Krasnopoliye seek for your help

Parents of five-year old Vanya Sarenkov from Krasnopoliye seek for your help. After the accident of solo-asphyxiation when he was close to death Vanya’s brain was seriously damaged. 10 minutes without oxygen has done a cruel thing. Vanya is not able to move, talk, take food. The boy can not manage without anybody’s help. He needs constant exercises and massage.

Thanks to his family’s efforts and care there are some improvements in Vanya’s state: he gave his first smile. His full recovery is possible with a rehabilitation hospital course. The clinic in Bonn (Germany) is ready to provide such treatment. Doctors hope that after the course Vanya’s healthy brain cells will be able to function for the damaged ones. It will help regulate life processes in the boy’s body. Three month in Bonn’s hospital costs EU 73,000. The Sarenkovs are not able to manage the sum. You can help the boy get to his feet by transferring money to the charity accounts.

Central banking service centre №713, Krasnopoliye Township, branch №712 of Kostyukovichi, JSC “Belaruskbank” to address Vasily Ivanovich Sarenkov, treatment of Ivan Vasilyevich Sarenkov. Transfer by clearing: operating account №3819382114657 MFO 153801561 UNP (Primary state registration number) 700105268.

- Belarusian rubles – transit account №3819382113007

Charity account №000001

- Russian rubles - transit account №3819382113010

Charity account №000001

- US dollars – transit account №3819382113010

Charity account №000003

- Euro – transit account №3819382113010

Charity account №000001


B402166103231 — Belarusian rubles

Z147528606353 — US dollars

E354074479709 — Euro

R361613952023— Russian rubles

EasyPay: 40138291

Address for post-office orders:

213561, the Republic of Belarus

Krasnopoliye Township, Voroshilova Street, building17, flat 21

Svetlana Alekseyevna Sarenkova

Phone contacts:

Svetlana Alekseyevna Sarenkova: +375 29 5436471

Vasily Ivanovich Sarenkov: +375 25 6104396

Home phone number: (8 02238) 23913

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