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Participants of MogilevRegion Administration's away-session in Bychov looked at the results of small towns' development program

The realization of small- and middle-sized urban settlements' development program was studied on the example of Bychov district by the participants of Mogilev Region Administration's away-session.
According to Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, there are a lot of positive results of the program implementation in the region. Two new manufacturing enterprises - "Agrolink" and "Belatmit"- were created.

In January the settlement of Godylevo was in a very poor state, now the situation has improved. Manufacturing is the most important thing in small- and middle-sized urban settlements' revival. Manufacturing enterprises lead to social sphere development.

At the same time few manufacturing enterprises are created in the small- and middle-sized urban settlements of the region. It means that local budget has not got enough filling-ups. Over the first quarter of 2009 the figure made 1,82% with the target being 5%, Petr Rudnik pointed out.

"Agrolink" enterprise shows an example of former military settlement revival. There are about 50 settlements of the kind in Bychov district. They are to be involved in the program. Under the world's financial and economic crisis we should pay more attention to private sector of our economy. Small companies have more chances to survive.

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