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Pensions of all types, monthly child care benefits and 1-rate tariff scale increase

On December, 24, the President of the Republic of Belarus signed the Edict on increasing all types of pensions by 9% from January, 1.

Thus, the average pension in January 2010 is to make up BYR 468 000, i.e. BYR 38 500 increase compared to November 2009.

Monthly benefits for parents caring about children under 3 years old also increases – to reach 100% of cost-of-living allowance (compared to 80% of the cost-of-living allowance beforehand).

Besides, according to the Council of Ministers Enactment № 1695, the 1-rate tariff scale also increases to make up BYR 81 000 (compared to BYR 77 000 from December, 1, 2008).

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