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People’s actor from Krivel

The birthday of Petr Aleinikov, the famous actor of the 1930-60s, is going to be celebrated in his native place Krivel village, Shklov district. The house where the actor lived is a museum. It will hold celebrations with participation of the actor’s relatives, friends and fans. 

Seven Brave Men, Tractor Drivers, Big Life, Peasants, Counterplan are the most memorable films in the career of the actor. The films are regularly watched by the villagers. Yury Mahorin, director of the museum, says that a lot of tourists come to take an excursion about the museum. 

Petr Aleinikov was born July 12 1914 in Krivel in a big family with 6 children. Some his relatives are still alive. His nephew Alexander Iosifovich died not long ago. Petr Aleinikov’s nephew Nikolai lives in Krivel, his niece Valentina – in Mogilev.

Several years ago Krivel was visited by Moscow’s film makers. They were working on the documentary “Petr Aleinikov. Irregular character”. By the way, Petr Aleinikov did not have the title of the People’s actor. But people loved him a lot. In 1939 a monument to Petr Aleinikov was installed in Hollywood. Last year Shklov opened the monument to Petr Aleinikov - People’s actor from Krivel.

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