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Peter Rudnick: Favourable conditions to be built up to promote development of countrymen’s farmsteads

The results of implementing the Programme of promoting development of countrymen’s farmsteads in Mogilev region was discussed at today’s sitting of the executive committee.

According to Oleg Chikida, the head of the Agriculture and food supplies committee, 11 projects out of 22 planned have been fulfilled during 4 years. One of the negative factors is demographic situation – the population reduced by 12% during that period, and naturally the number of farmsteads also decreased; so did the total agricultural output. Besides, one can buy all fruits and vegetables needed in a grocery, without having to grow them.

However, certain problems still remain in the field of feedstuff provision, cattle pastures, agricultural production selling. “All problems of the kind must be solved the sooner the better. Favourable conditions must be built up to promote development of countrymen’s farmsteads”, - the governor specified.

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