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Petr Rudnik: bureaucratism, runaround and irrational management must be got rid of

Bureaucratism, runaround and irrational management must be got rid of, governor Petr Rudnik stressed at today’s sitting of Mogilev region executive committee.

The chairman reminded about the cases of delays in housing construction for families having many children, and about dismissing of officials who were guilty in that runaround. “We must exclude bureaucratism like that having place at Krichev where 18 houses are still out of hot running water in “Sozh” microdiscrict”. To solve this problem the region’s head ordered to work out all necessary design description documentation and finance the work in 2011. Besides, P.Rudnik insisted that the ownerless building of the former trade centre (total area of 1,000 m2) in Krichev to be taken under control and management by trade and services department of the region executive committee. The governor demanded that problems of decomposed balconies, water-pipes or roofs to be solved in proper time.

One of the measures aimed at improving officials’ responsibility for quality and results of work with references of citizens is to become meeting of regional departments’ executives with staffs of different organisations. “It will let monitor the social situation and be efficient in solving people’s most urgent matters. Such meetings will be held beginning from the next week”, - Petr Rudnik stated.

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