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Petr Rudnik: "Judging from recent results, Mogilev region has moved from fighting for harvest to highly efficient harvesting"

Judging from recent results, Mogilev region has moved from fighting for harvest to highly efficient harvesting, assured Mogilev region executive committee's chairman Petr Rudnik during celebration ceremony of this year's first harvester team (JSC "Alexandriiskoe", Shklov district) that had harvested 1 thousand tonnes of grain.

According to the region's head, 13% of the areas under crops had been cut and 167 thousand tonnes of grain had been taken from the fields as of July 24. Six districts of the region, made up 40 centers per hectare or more; Shklov district made up 54.1 centners. During the emulation in labour, five harvester teams have reached 1000 tonnes of grain. Besides, the region boasts of 14 drivers having transported 1,000 tonnes of grain each. "So, this year we are likely to have more grain and bread than in the previous year", Petr Rudnik stressed.

"At present heavy crop and high efficiency in harvesting can be reached due to using new technologies and approaches, high performance and order", clarified the committee's chairman. "But complying with the requirements of the technological process must be a priority. It also means precision farming that may result in saving up to 20% of mineral fertilizers. And it's just one of opportunities.

According to Petr Rudnik, implementing this system requires both highly-qualified specialists and machinery. For example, one farm needs about Br6-7 bln to buy the latter. That is why we have been negotiating with Mogilev enterprises on manufacturing the necessary machinery in the region. "This year, according to the President's commission, five Mogilev agricultural enterprises have been implementing the system of precision farming", the region's head told. "After having succeeded in it, we are surely to harvest 1.5 mln of grain."

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