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Photo exhibition "Echo of the War" tells about Mogilevveterans' holidays and weekdays

The cinema of "Chyrvonaia Zorka" opened the exhibition "Echo of the War" celebrating the day when Mogilevregion was liberated from Fascists invaders (June, 28 1944) and Independence Day, the author of the project Irina Savosina tells.

At the "Chyrvonaia Zorka" cinema there is a photo exhibition presenting 60 works by 9 famous photographers of the region: Alexander Litin, Miron Schudlo, Gennady Karchevsky, Nikolai Titov, Natalia Pischalova and others. Mostly the works are documentary photo reports showing Victory Day celebration in Mogilev, Shklov, Bobruisk, Klichev. They are full of light, joy and pride for those who gave their blood for us to live in the peace. The photo artists are also showing veterans' weekdays. Their works remind us about the price the veterans pay for the victory, tragic events of the war, tears and disappointments, attention and warmth we should give them.


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