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Population census starts in Belarus

Population census is held in Belarus on 14-24 October. National statistical committee remarks, that population census is a specially organized by state continuous statistical observation. Census data are the most important source of information for working out social-economic policy of the state. State statistical and Republican administrative institutions are responsible for preparation and carrying out of the census; among them are Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Security Committee, State Border Committee, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Education, Health, Labour and Social Security.

There have been established 648 census departments, 6326 instruction departments, 31846 calculation departments in the Republic of Belarus; they are open from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. Thanks to new technologies this year census employs 8 times people less than in 1999. 37 the most important questions are on the census list; the answers are supposed to provide detailed demographic, national, cultural, and social-economic description of the population.


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