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Premier at Regional Palace of Culture

Today Mogilev regional puppet theatre puts on Vladimir Korotkevich’s «The Wild Hunt of King Stakh» play. The premier takes place at the so-called small stage of the Regional Palace of Culture.

According to the source, the play combines original direction, scenography, music of the Belarusian composers, the newest special effects, high professionalism of actors, as well as exciting detective plot; all of that catches spectators’ attention. The play’s author and director Vyacheslav Kornev considered it to be important to be close to the style and language of Vladimir Korotkevich, and at the same time to reveal the depth and tensionof events that one could read between the lines.

The director spent much time to study the historical epoch described in the novel, and to adapt the latter for peculiarities of a puppet theatre. “For both actors and me it was not an easy task to stage the play and to reveal Korotkevich’s philosophy and the ideas he had implied but could not speak openly”, - the director told. The project was supported and financed by The Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus of culture and arts support.

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