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Premier of “Second Death of Joan of Ark” at Mogilev Drama Theatre

On January, 19, Mogilev Regional Drama Theatre presented a premier of “Second Death of Joan of Ark”, staged by Minsk producer Andrei Guzei on the basis of the legend of Bulgarian playwright Stephan Tsanev, - the theatre director Andrei Novikov told.

The leading actress Elena Dudich and the Honoured Artist of Belarus Grigori Belotserkovsky star in the play.

The play takes place in XVth century. The heroine of France was famous for relieving Orleans, but later on she was betrayed and sent to England, where she was faggoted.

“The new interpretation of historic drama touches upon serious psychological and social matters that are topical even nowadays”. According to it Janet (not the Maid of Orleans) was sentenced to death for antigovernmental conspiracy.


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