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Press-conference: “М.@rt.contact” Youth Theatre Forum

The programme of “М.@rt.contact” VIII International Youth Theatre Forum includes 14 plays, deputy chair of Mogilev region executive committee Valery Malashko told at the press-conference on January 17.

Companies of actors from 8 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia and Moldova) will arrive in Mogilev on March 21-27. There will be both newcomers and theatres that have already partook in the forum, e.g. the theatres from Saint-Petersburg, Kishinev, Moscow.

This year one play will be followed by another to satisfy the interests of the audience, Valery Malashko told. Thus, spectators will have a chance to watch several plays per day if tickets are available.

Plays will be staged at Mogilev Regional Drama Theatre, “Mogilev” Concert Hall, and Mogilev Regional Puppet Theatre. “A number of traditions have appeared since the forum was established. And the general conception of “М.@rt.contact” will be followed, though from time to time we want some innovations. The Forum was established for the youth, on behalf of the youth, and to talk about the youth”.

Free outdoor performance – the forum’s novelty

Free outdoor performance is to become a novelty of the VIIIth forum “M@rt.contact”. Performances of the kind are very popular in Europe. During last year’s forum Mogilev also witnessed shows held by «KUD LJUD» interactive theatre from Slovenia. “Mogilevers were deeply interested in pink aliens”, Andrei Novikov told. “This year we want more people in the streets to get involved in the original experiment. «Biuro Podrozy» from Poland was invited to perform at the square near the City Hall. These are highly-paid actors, but they work in all weathers, and their shows are vivid and interesting. “Carmen’s funeral” play include much light, fire and walking on stilts”. The territory will be fenced in by special parapets. All volunteers are welcomed to the show.


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