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Profit from consolidated budget of Mogilev region to reach Br3.9 bln in 2011

In 2011 profit from consolidated budget of Mogilev region is forecasted to reach Br3.9 bln, - Vladimir Podrebinkin, the head of financial department of Mogilev region executive committee, told at today’s sitting.

The trend of supporting welfare programmes will be kept. “Salary and transfer payments to population, as well as expenses for fulfilling state social standards will make considerable proportion”, - Vladimir Podrebinkin stressed. 58.5% of budget spendings is meant for financing social sphere (making up 1.4%-increase comparing to the previous year), 18.6% - for financing healthcare sphere, 1.7% - for financing projects in the sphere of physical culture, 3% - for financing cultural sphere, and 28.9% - for financing the sphere of education.

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