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Project “Mother’s and child’s health in Mogilev region” to carry out in 3 districts of Mogilev region in 2009

Belarusian – Swiss project “Mother’s and child’s health in Mogilev region” will be carried out in 3 districts of Mogilev region in 2009. Today the results of carrying out the project were discussed at the press-conference in regional centre.

During her talk with journalists, Zhosian Rasin Stumm, medical consultant of Swiss department on development and cooperation, informed, that medical and stomatological equipment for $ 700 thous will be bought for district hospitals in Chausy, Bykhov, Krichev. But major efforts will be spent to create mothers’ groups aiming at giving each woman a possibility to get answers to any question on her pregnancy, and postnatal period. These groups will also include doctors and doctor’s assistants. The main trends of project’s carrying out in 2009 is to be raising the level of doctors’ skills, and revealing risk groups on B- streptococcus among the pregnant, etc.

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