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Rates of housing construction in Mogilev region ups by 20 % in January-May

In Mogilev region 172.9 thous m2 of housing (standing for 29.8 % of the yearly target and 119.6 % compared to January-May of 2008) commissioned in January-May, - thr department of statistics of Mogilev region informs.

In rural areas and townships 797 flats of 73.3 thous m2 (43.3 % of the yearly target) was constructed, including 53.8 thous m2 (i.e. 31.1 % of commissioned in the region).

118.2 thous m2 was constructed for those who needed improvement of housing conditions, including 71 thous of m2 in blocks of flats. That stands for 89.8 %, while the early target was set as 80 %.
For 5 months BYR 295 bln was invested in housing construction, making up 25.4 % of the total investment rate.

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