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Regional prosecutor’s office: No reasons for talking about serial murders in Mogilev

Alla Kuznetsova, an executive officer of the regional Prosecutor, justice councillor, informed the media that there are no reasons for talking about serial murders in Mogilev. According to the specialists two homicides happened in Mogilev. One partitioned body of a 35-year-woman was found on March 23; on March 31, parts of one more dead body were found in Fatin st. near house №6.

The first body have already been identified – the woman turned out to be an unemployed alcohol abuser.

“The case on homicide was started by Mogilev region prosecutor’s office; investigation has been carrying out by investigation department of prosecutor’s office. Specialists of preliminary investigation haven’t had any evidences proving the fact of serial murders. The both murders happened in one and the same day and probably in one and the same place - Alla Kuznetsova specified.
“The region hasn’t seen such a horrible crime during last 10 years – Roman Posokhov, the head of information and public relations department of DIA of Mogilev regional executive committee, stressed. – The best detectives have been investigating these horrible crimes. Different versions are under consideration.”

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