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Rescues warn to be careful while choosing places for bathing

During several weeks the weather has been very hot. Naturally, many people go bathing, unfortunately, not all of them are careful.

According to rescues, 13 people drowned (1 of them was under age) while sweemming in rivers and lakes of the region just during one week (July 4-11). The majority of died adults were drunk; besides they swam in the places where there are no life-saving stations.

Last Sunday a drowned man was found not far from a dam at Pecherskoe reservoir. One may only guess what happened to this 35-year-old man from Mogilev. It looks like he decided to swim near hydraulic works in spite of the fact that it’s prohibited. And there was no-one to help when he started to drown.

According to weather forecasts, the weather will still be hot during next several days. That’s why, rescues warn people on the rest to be careful while choosing places for swimming and bathing. “Remembering the rules of behaviour will save your lives!”

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