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Results of centralized testing

In Mogilev region 53 424 people took tests in 14 subjects in 2009. 54 652 people were registered to take tests. The correspondent of the site learnt about it at the regional testing office.

The results of the centralized testing are: the lowest average point the entrants got in Physics - 18.49 (19.83 in 2008); the highest one - in Belarusian - 38.82 (31 in 2008).

In Mogilev region 19 entrants got 100 points in different subjects. From them 6 persons - in Biology, 5 people - in Belarusian, 3 applicants - in Russian, 4 entrants - in Maths, and 1 person - in Physics.

12 applicants were made leave the room. The main reason is a mobile phone use. One person was asked to leave the room because he broke the rules of the centralized testing. One entrant left because of health problems, but he has got a right to take a test on a reserve day.

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