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Rural shops to be getting ready for Christmas and New Year holidays

Mogilev region consumer association assures that rural shops will have available for sale everything people may need to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays. Thus, they have already stocked 715 tones of confectionery, 7,000 decalitres of champaign, 38,000 New Year candy packs.

Besides, Mogilev region consumer association recommends suppliers to reduce both selling and retail prices, - Sergei Shcherbich, the head of trade department of Mogilev region consumer association, added. More than 700 regional shops are about to start working overtime; starting from 20 December more than 30 shops will work around-the-clock. About 140 trade fairs will be held in district centres in December.

Small settlements (there are about 1800 of them in Mogilev region) will also be supplied with everything people may need – mobile shops are to deliver all goods customers will order.

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