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Russian-Belarusian Joint Company “UnimilkShklov” starts its work by the end of the year

Russian-Belarusian Joint Company “UnimilkShklov” was registerd in Shklov. It is specialized in milk processing. The information is provided by Valery Guzov, the deputy head of Shklov District Executive Committee.

A new enterprise will be founded on the territory of Shklov Butter-Making Plant. The company became a founder of a new enterprise. Shklov Butter-Making Plant also invested its non-monetary assets – uncompleted construction of one of its buildings. After reconstruction the building will be installed with modern milk-processing equipment with the capacity of 50 tons per 24 hours.

Russian co-founder of the enterprise (51%) - “Unimilk” Company – will invest about $1 bln to develop manufacturing in Shklov. Then the enterprise plans to increase its production capacity and reach the level of 80% in the founding fund of Russian-Belarusian Company. “Realization of this huge investment project was due to the fact that 11 new modern milk commodity production complexes will be launched in the nearest two years in Shklov district. Milk production will double and make about 500 tons per 24 hours, -” Valery Guzov noted.


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