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Russia's food safety watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has endorsed the new list of Belarusian dairy producers certified to supply their products to Russia.

The former list of companies (introduced October 26, 2007) has been cancelled upon request by the Agriculture Ministry of Belarus.

Starting March 1 2008 Russia bans all dairy, meat, poultry and fish exports by foreign companies without a that Rosselkhoznadzor licence.

Russia is the key export outlet for Belarus.

The new register includes 47 enterprises, namely:

OJSC Minsk Dairy Factory N2 (Minsk), OJSC Berezinо Cheese Factory (Berezino), OJSC Slutski Cheese Factory (Starye Dorogi branch), OJSC Borisov Dairy Factory (Borisov), OJSC Volozhin Butter & Cheese Factory, OJSC Minsk Dairy Factory N1, Minsk Dairy Factory N3, OJSC Kopyl Butter & Cheese Factory, OJSC Slutski Cheese Factory (Slutsk), OJSC Liuban Cheese Factory, OJSC Kletski Butter Factory, OJSC Soligorsk Dairy Factory (Soligorsk), OJSC Holopenichi Butter & Cheese Factory.

SPK Rassvet imeni Orlovskogo (Mashkovichi), OJSC Byhovmoloko (Byhov), OJSC Granny's Jar and OJSC Mogilev Dairy Factory (Mogilev), OJSC Glubokoe Dairy Factory (Glubokoe), OJSC Moloko (Vitebsk), OJSC Polotsk Dairy Factory, OJSC Postavy Dairy Factory, OJSC Lepel Dairy Factory, OJSC Orsha Dairy Factory, OJSC Savushkin Produkt (Brest), OJSC Pinsk Dairy Factory, OJSC Baranovichi Dairy Factory, Belovezhskie Syry Cheese FActory (Vysokoye), OJSC Luninets Dairy Factory (Luninec), OJSC Bereza Cheese Factory, SP Santa Bremor (Brest), OJSC Rogachev Dairy Factory (Rogachev), Zhlobin Dairy Factory, Svetlogorsk Dairy Factory, Kalinkovichi Dairy Factory, Mozyr Dairy Products (Mozyr'), Rechitsa Moloko (Rechnica), OJSC Oktjabr zavod SOM (Oktjabr), Polesse Cheeses (Hoiniki), OJSC Dairy Products (Gomel), OJSC Dairy World (Grodno), Berestovitsa Butter & Cheese Factory OJSC Dairy World, Skidel Butter & Cheese Factory OJSC Dairy World, OJSC Novogrudok Butter Factory, OJSC Smorgon Dairy Products, OJSC Lida Dairy Factory, OJSC Slonim Dairy Products (Slonim), OJSC Bellakt (Volkovysk).

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