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S. Puzevich: JSC “Mogilevkhimvolokno” has to search for alternative supplies of paraxylol

On May 11, S. Puzevich, general director of JSC “Mogilevkhimvolokno”, hold a press-conference where he announced that the plant has to search for alternative supplies of paraxylol due to negative trends with supplies of this major raw material from the Russian Federation.

When the former USSR designed and constructed the enterprise it was thought to become a major manufacturer and supplier of synthetic fibres for the industry of the whole large country. At the same time, oil-processing enterprises of Russia were supposed to supply it with main raw materials – paraxylol and monoethyleneglycol. Such a pattern of cooperation existed during 40 years.

But now the enterprise is under the threat of reducing its output and even worse - closing-down because of export duty for paraxylol that has been introduced for Belarus since January 2010. As a result, the price for paraxylol increased by 20-25% to reach $192.2. In order to compensate, at least partially, its loses, the enterprise had to increase prices for production manufactured from this material.

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