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SCC: Energy saving at enterprises to become one of priorities during the Year of Frugality

Energy saving at enterprises must become one of the priorities during the Year of Frugality, the chairman of Mogilev region’s department of the State Control Committee Liliya Chigir told at the regional seminar on “Modern technologies of energy saving, their implementation and effectiveness”.

According to Liliya Chigir, the topic is an urgent one, and is determined by the need for improving the national manufacturing organizations, increasing their competitiveness, raising the labor productivity, and looking for additional resources for energy saving.

During the whole previous year the State Control Committee was taking measures for adoption of automated energy control and record equipment (AECTE) by the regional enterprises. As a result, 61 largest plants had started implementing the system by the end of the previous year, though at the beginning of 2012 none of more than 100 regional enterprises knew nothing about the AECTE.

“The economic effect of AECTE’s adoption proves to be 15-30% of energy’s annual consumption; thus, it will promote a many-billion saving of energy resources in a short run”, Liliya Chigir specified.

At the same time, heads of some enterprises hasn’t realized the need for AECTE’s adoption yet, that prevents them from continuous saving of energy resources, reducing its consumption, thus decreasing production price. There are enterprises that adopt the system several years ago; some plants have already started its implementation; the rest have still been thinking if they need it.

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