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A school girl from BobruiskVera Hvaschinskaia won a gold medal at the European Chess-100 Youth Championship

Vera Hvaschinskaia from Bobruiskwon a gold medal among the girls younger than 13 years old at the European Chess-100 Youth Championship. She is a member of a Combined Team from Mogilev. In the last round with Tatiana Kravchenko from Ukraine Vera Hvaschinskaia won a victory.

Vera Hvaschinskaia is a pupil of secondary school 28 in Bobruisk. She attends the chess and checkers youth club "Debyut". Vera has played chess since 2004 and has achieved great results. In 2006 and 2008 she won medals at the Championships. In 2006 Vera was the first in the "before ten years old" age category. In 2008 she won in the category "before 13 years old".

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