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School leavers of MogilevRegionalMilitarySchoolimpressed by their knowledge

In 2009 school leavers of MogilevRegionalMilitaryBoarding Schoolfor
orphans and the children left without parents' care impressed by their
results. The majority of school leavers (12 people from 18) entered
higher educational establishments. This fact impresses taking into
consideration contingent of the pupils without parents' care.

At the moment 103 pupils study at MogilevRegionalMilitaryBoarding School.
In 2008-2009 the Education Department sent 24 pupils to study here. In
2009 the number of school leavers made 18 persons. 12 of them entered
higher educational establishments of Belarus.
Over 2002-2008 43 pupils left this school. 17 of them continue their
education at higher and vocational establishments of the republic.

For 2009-2010 there is a target to admit 105 pupils. At the moment
the school is being repaired. In September it will open for new pupils.
Senior pupils and teachers will work to achieve new goals.

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