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Seminar on ideology in Mogilev and Belynichy district

Today Mogilev and Belynichy district host the seminar on ideology. The question of promoting effectiveness of ideological work in modern society is discussed by seminar participants representing regional executive committee, ideological departments of city executive committees, regional mass media, etc.

Seminar participants are welcome to study models of ideological work at RUE “Mogilevenergo”, “Mogilev branch of Belarusian railways”, “Mogilev state university of foodstuff”, Mogilev ideological centre, “Kolkhoz “Rodina”” agricultural complex.

The agenda includes visit to creative studio of the editor-in-chief of district programme “Belynichy Radio”, and discussion of matters pertaining co-operation of state regional printed mass media with departments of ideological work.

The results of the seminar are summed up at Belynichy district palace of culture.

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