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September,20 is Customs Official's Day

September,20 is Customs Official's Day. According to the information provided by Mogilev Custom House, the holiday is celebrated with good achievements.

This year Br200 bln of customs duty has been transferred. 24 thousand customs certificates have been issued. The system of e-declaration has been introduced, it helps to complete customs formalities with minimum time and finance expenses. 60 exporting enterprises use the advantages of the system. Some of them are "Himvolokno" OJSC, "Belshina" OJSC, "Mogilev ZIV" OJSC, "Mogilevliftmash" RUE. By today Mogilev Custom House has legalized 3000 e-declarations. To make it work more effective the Custom House organized extra-hour work schedule of all custom offices on holidays and at the week-ends. The Custom House takes active measures to prevent Customs Law violation.

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