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September, 23 Mogilev Regional Drama Theatre opens its 121st season

September, 23 Mogilev Regional Drama Theatre opens its 121st season with the benefit performance of Galina Ugnacheva. The director of the theatre Andrei Novikov told about the plans at the theatre press-conference.

A new theatre season will introduce several premieres. The play based on "The Pit" by Vasily Bykov is one of them. The play is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Victor Kurzhalov wrote the script with the name "+And Vera". He is involved in production of the play. It will be the first play based on the works by V. Bykov.

After the New Year the theatre will work at two big projects. In January-March actors from Lithuania will work here. A well-known Lithuanian director Saulyus Varnas is going to stage Alexander Suhovo-Kobylin's "Tarelkin's Death". According to Andrei Novikov, it's a serious play for serious people. Then the guests from Petersburg arrive. The director Boris Gurevich will stage "The Thunderstorm" by Alexander Ostrovsky.

This year Mogilev Regional Drama Theatre has renewed its Internet site - www.mogdt.ru. The site contains the information about premieres. There is also the forum of theatre where anyone can express his opinions and requests which will definitely be followed.

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