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Servolux Agro Company (based in Mogilev) has re-commissioned the poultry procession shop that underwent massive reconstruction and moderinisation, a Servolux representative told Interfax.

According to the source, modernisation enabled the company to considerably expand output and improve product quality, as well as cut production costs and reduce energy consumption.

As was formerly reported, since 2003 Servolux had been investing heavily in the reconstruction programme at Mogilev Broiler Poultry Farm. Eventually, Mogilev Broiler Poultry Farm OJSC, was converted into Servolux Agro October 1, 2007 after Servolux Private Unitary Enterprise purchased the poultry farm as a property complex. Servolux Agro now includes the poultry farm proper, milk and meat producing facilities as well as a grocery farm.

Now that Servolux Agro has installed new hatching equipment at the poultry farms, with energy-saving technologies employed. Besides, the facilities by the Netherlands' Meyn company are expected to boost the capacity of Servolux Agro's slaughterhouse twofold.

Mogilev-based Servolux Private Unitary Enterprise (affiliated with Servolux LLC, USA) commissioned Belarus' first European-class incubator in early January 2007, which will young and fresh chickens for Servolux Agro.

In 2006 Servolux invested a total of BYR 25 billion in Mogilev Region's poultry production.

Servolux also invested in Belarus' first European-class incubator in Mogilev.

They are now almost through building a large complex with 140 thousand heads of poultry in Bykhov that will produce 15 million eggs a year.

Servolux has in fact created a mighty full-cycle poultry production complex in Mogilev Region.

In January-August 2007 Servolux Agro produced 12.8 thousand tonnes of poultry meat, or 4.9% up on the year.

Servolux was set up in 1999 as a private trader and producer dealing in agricultural products and textiles.

The company imports basic materials for fodder production, breeding materials from Europe's large Agricultural Holding Company Nutreco (Netherlands).

Servolux also imports to Belarus swine-breeding technologies and facilities from Europe, mineral fertilisers and herbicides and insecticides from Russia.


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