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Session of Mogilev Regional Council of Deputies approved projects of regional budget and prognosis of socio-economic development

The XVIIth session of Mogilev Regional Council of Deputies approved the projects of regional budget and the prognosis of socio-economic development of Mogilev region for the year 2010.

Victor Nekrashevich, Mogilev Region Executive
Committee Deputy Chairman, stressed in his report that in 2009 Mogilev regional executive committee, as well as city executive committees, have focused on overcoming the consequences of the World Economic Crisis; much has also been done to promote economic development of the region, and prevent decline in the standards of social security of population.

It resulted in positive tendencies in some sectors of economy, and first of all – in industry, where at the beginning of the year the rates of growth considerably declined, especially among export-oriented enterprises.

Thus, the volume of production during January – November of 2009 made up 97.2% compared to the respective period of the previous year.

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