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Shklov district to lead effective functioning of agroindustrial complex

Today’s sitting of Mogilev region executive committee took place in Shklov, and was dedicated to studying the results of socio-economic development of Shklov district.

Shklov district is the place where advanced technologies are introduced and given a work-out to be later on implemented in other districts.

Last year 10 out of 11 prognosed indexes were fulfilled; this is the best result in the region. At the same time, the work of district agroindustrial complex was considered to be insufficient.

According to the chairman of Mogilev region executive committee Peter Rudnik, new trends must be developed in the sphere of agriculture; he gave an example of CJSC “Niva” (Shkov district) that turned to sheep breeding and fish breeding.

We must head for Br100 mln of receipts a year per worker. When we meet this aim, salary in the sphere of agriculture will be really deserving.

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