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According to the ideology department of Mogilev Region Administration, the festivities will take place on September 1, 2.

The Day of Belarus' Written Language is a holiday closely linked to the history of Belarus.

First celebrated in Polotsk in 1994, it has become a national holiday. Every year on the first Sunday of September different towns and cities of Belarus become capitals of Belarus' Book Printing Tradition.

After Polotsk, the holiday was hosted by Turov, Novogrudok, Nesvizh, Orsha, Pinsk, Zaslavl, Mstislavl, Mir and Kamenets. In 2006 the book-printing relay race made a stop in Postavy (Vitebsk Region). In 2007 it will be Shklov to host activities dedicated to the Day of Belarus' Written Language.

The holiday programme is usually abundant in various activities, including new book presentations, exhibitions dedicated to book-printing, arts & crafts fairs, lotteries and contests.

Every year prominent figures (high-ranking officials, ministers, ambassadors, scientists, artists and people of art) of Belarus and neighbouring states attend the venue.

Within the framework of the holiday they annually hold a countrywide expedition called "The Road to Sacred Places with the Holy Sepulcher's Divine Fire". The route, which stretches from Minsk to the "holiday capital" is chosen and blessed by the Head of the Orthodox Christian Church of Belarus.

By tradition, the holiday capital is an ancient town of Belarus with impressive spiritual and material cultural heritage.

The festivities are expected to be attended by around 5,000 visitors from Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Bulgaria.



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