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Shklov, Mogilev and Belynichi to take part in the BRSM action “Make your choice”

Shklov, Mogilev and Belynichi will take part in the BRSM action “Make your choice”. The purpose of the action is to popularize triathlon.

Among the participants of the project there are professional sportsmen representing a national triathlon team of Belarus, youth organizations activists, students of sports schools, vocational schools. According to Igor Vasilchenko, the first secretary of the regional BRSM committee, the youth study, work and take part in Olympiads and sports competitions, bring up children; young Belarusians are full of energy and represent their country actively.

Taking part in the action is the youth’s contribution to supporting state policy directed at forming a healthy way of life, creating conditions to help young people realize their abilities and initiatives for the sake of Belarus. The route of the action includes 6 stages of 42 km each. The action involves Shklov, Mogilev and Belynichi. Its final destination is Minsk where a meeting will take place.

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