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Slavgorod district to start growing Jerusalem artichoke

The plantation of Jerusalem artichoke in Belarus is rather an exotic than a rule. The farm “Prisozhye” in Slavgorod district started an experiment: 10 hectares were sowed with Jerusalem artichoke. Artichoke is a dream of every agronomist since it demands little care and you can safe on vegetable storage facilities.

Usual potato harvesters are used to gather in the harvest from this plantation. It is remarkable that roots and tops of the plant are successfully consumed. Green parts of the plant are used to feed cattle. The vegetable drying complex of the farm turns Jerusalem artichoke into crisps and then grinds them into powder. The powder is then bought by bakeries to enrich dough with this useful agent.

Mogilev’s confectioners which are interested in the plant try to follow healthy eating habits. The head of a workshop of “Mogilevhlebprom” Nikolai Skrinnik says that Jerusalem artichoke is full of microelements and cellulose. Biscuits on fructose with Jerusalem artichoke agents are used in diets.

Slavgorod district’s farm has already made Br50 m on Jerusalem artichoke. And it is only from a third of the harvest. In autumn the farm will widen the plantation. Jerusalem artichoke agents became the matter of special interest of beverages and sausages producers.

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