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Social sphere of Mogilev region saved BYR 13,2 billion in 2008

The special measures in the social sphere of Mogilev region allowed to save BYR 13,2 billion in 2008 – Vladimir Podrebinkin, the head of the financial department of regional executive committee, told today at the meeting of the executive committee. The meeting aimed at approving measures of Mogilev region’s budget implementation, and saving budget funds of the year 2009.

The measures provide for implementing budget revenues, preventing budget deficiency & increase of bill payable; as well as for economical and rational allocation of budget funds. The chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee Peter Rudnick stressed: “Though we do have to correct budget expenditures and decrease them by 17-20 % due to difficult economic situation, it won’t influence implementation of the main social programmes; the former will be financed in their full”.

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