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Son was drowned in lake on his mum’s birthday

A tragedy happened in the life of a woman from Gorki district: she lost her 55-year son who had come to visit her on her birthday from Saint-Petersburg.

On 8 August the man went swimming to the lake near Timokhovka village and was drowned, specialists from Mogilev OSVOD (Mogilev region organization of the Belarusian Republican Water Rescue Society) told. The tragedy was witnessed by the company he came with to have a rest. The rescues being called for found the body at a 3-metre depth.

Next day (on August 9) a 53-year old man who had come from Mogilev to visit his nephew was drowned in the lake not far from Evdokimovichi village, Shklov district. The man was going out of water, but then decided to dive first. When the man didn’t come to the surface, his nephew tried to rescue him – he managed to get him out of water, but couldn’t bring one back to life.

A woman from Bobruisk whose person hasn’t been identified yet became one more victim of the water last week. The woman whose body was found was dressed. A day before fishermen saw a woman dashing along the bank.

According to the information provided by the regional OSVOD, all drowned had drunk before getting into water.

Rescues ask people to be more attentive and careful while having rest near rivers or lakes – sometimes a person is drowned but no-one sees his/her absence.

Leaving a child in water alone is not uncommon; then OSVOD specialists have to look for their parents.

Observing the rules of behavior near water a person can protect oneself. Before dipping into water a person should stay knee-length for a while to get accustomed to its temperature.

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