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Sport fans of “Dnepr” can buy tickets collectively

To watch the game “Dnepr” – “Villarreal” at Mogilev “Spartak Stadium” football fans will have to pay more than for the previous matches of the European League. The information is provided by Valery Chernov, the director of the stadium. Tickets to a western grandstand cost Br30 thousand, to other grandstands - Br20 thousand.

A ticket to a match has changed its design. It has become colorful with stamping and forgery protection. After being printed in Minsk Printing Office the tickets will be examined by the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And only then they will be delivered to Mogilev. On August, 23 tickets offices of Mogilev “Spartak Stadium” will begin selling the tickets. According to Valery Chernov, any organization, enterprise or just a group of fans can buy tickets collectively.

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