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Spring flood in Mogilev region is supposed to start in the second part of March

The head of hydrology department of Mogilev regional centre of hydrometeorology and monitoring of the environment Georgy Dolgin supposes the spring flood in Mogilev region to meet average rates or to be a bit higher.

According to Dolgin, maximum increase of water level in the Dnieper river within the bounds of Mogilev is predicted to be 5.7-6 m compared to the average level of 6.4 m. Last year’s maximum level was 3.6 m. The level of 7.3 m is considered to be dangerous, that of 8.5 (registered in 1931) – extremely dangerous. Maximum increase of water level is predicted to reach 3 m (compared to the average level of 3.4 m) for the Berezina river within the bounds of Bobruisk and 3.9-4 m for the Sozh river near Krichev (compared to the average level of 3.7 m).


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