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A strong wind delayed two diesel trais in Osipovichi district

A strong wind delayed two diesel trains in Osipovichi district. The information is provided by Alexander Marchenko, a press secretary of the Transport Internal Affairs Office.

At about 16.40 o’clock on the 22nd kilometer of Elizovo-Osipovichi span and at about 18.20 o’clock on the 24th kilometer of Daraganovo-Falichi span a strong wind blew down trees and they fell on the railways. It delayed two diesel trains – Mogilev-Osipovichi (a 10-min delay) and Osipovichi-Soligorsk (a 36-min delay). The incidents had no victims. According to the specialist, the region expects more rain storms. It makes railway traffic more complicated. Diesel engine train drivers are to take into account bad weather conditions, to prove their proficiency. It is also necessary to be careful at the railway crossings and pedestrian crossings.

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