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In summer 2010 over 50 thousands children got a rest at 583 kids’ camps of Mogilev region

Mogilev region hit the targets for summer rest and health rehabilitation of children (100.6%). The information is provided by the Department for Education of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

The decision made by Mogilev Regional Executive Committee from April, 8 2010 “On children and teenagers’ health rehabilitation in 2010” defined targets of children’s health rehabilitation at the expense of the state social insurance, local and national budget. Having monitored healthcare needs of the region the target was made to provide 50 thousand children with health rehabilitation service: 23 thousand kids - at twenty-four hour residence camps and 27 thousand – at day-time camps. In summer 2010 over 50 thousands children got a rest at 583 kids’ camps of Mogilev region.

Much attention was paid to health rehabilitation of children representing special categories. 2,256 orphans and 282 invalids got summer health rehabilitation service.

Military and patriotic camps were arranged to carry out patriotic education of teenagers.

To develop creative potential of pupils, to stimulate them and prepare for school subjects Olympiads the Educational Establishment “Mogilev State Regional Institute of Development of Education” arranged a twenty-four hour residence camp for 100 children. Among them there were prize-winners of national and regional school subjects Olympiads. The camp was supported by university and college teachers.

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